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World Health Day 2019: Health For All

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World Health Day 2019: Health For All

Every year, on the 7th of April, the World marks the special day earmarked to pay attention to the health of mankind. This date was selected back in 1948, during the First Health Summit, and has been celebrated since 1950 till date. Every year, the World Health Organization highlights a pressing global health issue and creates awareness about it in a bid to make world leaders and the entire populace pay attention and take action.

This year, the focus is on Universal Health Coverage: Healthcare for All. The highlight of this year’s World Health Day is to emphasize the need for healthcare to be made accessible to all, regardless of their geographical location, economic or educational background. Some of the topics that have been highlighted in the past include Mental Health, Maternal and Child Health, as well as Climate change and it’s effects on global health.

Universal Health Coverage, as a focal point this year doesn’t just look at the provision of healthcare, but the quality of available healthcare around the globe. According to statistics gotten from the combined efforts of the World Bank and WHO, over 800million people end up spending at least 10% of their income on healthcare.

Unfortunately, most families on the lower rungs of the economic ladder can barely afford sufficient healthcare or end up spending so much on healthcare that they are left with less than $2 to live on daily. As of 2017, such healthcare expenses have pushed over 100million families into extreme poverty status.

Providing affordable and available healthcare across all classes and locations is a long-term goal. The concerted efforts of both the private and public sector as well as the governments and international organizations. Such quality healthcare is targeted especially at childcare, maternal health, and poverty infectious diseases attributed to low cost/standards of living.

Providing high-quality diagnostics with low ownership/usage costs to meet healthcare needs would go a long way in bringing accessible healthcare. As we celebrate yet another World Health Day, we look forward to a world that is more attentive to the healthcare needs of the millions of people who suffer lack. And we especially hope more administrators and decision makers work furtively towards meeting the goal of a Universal Health Coverage.

We at PPC Limited will be doing our bit alongside our partnering hospital(s) in providing free consultations and diagnostics during this period. A better world starts with all of us, and we look forward to a much greater one.

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PPC NigeriaWorld Health Day 2019: Health For All

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