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UCH Gets Diagnostics Upgrade – Another PPC Project

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The UCH Diagnostics Upgrade

On Tuesday, the 26th of February, the PPC team was in the prestigious and historical brown-roof city, to set up a world-class diagnostics room for the University College Hospital Ibadan. A 16-slice Access CT Scan machine, as well as a DuraDiagnost machine room, were set up in the Hospital.  

Access 16-Slice CT Scanner

Access CT delivers on the major needs of medical practitioners and diagnostics personnel such as the medical team of the University College Hospital. Access delivers on chemical efficacy, economic value and providing reliable systems and servicing options for the high patient numbers as seen in UCH.

The Access CT 16-slice Scanner is the best option to meet the use of patients, with easy to use scanners, and considerable patient comfort, medical personnel will experience less stress as well as easier patient exams.

Philips Access CT systems are designed to give

• More savings: The overall cost of running the scanner will be reduced and will reduce the cost of healthcare on the average patient.

• Better referrals: For a Hospital of UCH standing, they will be able to meet up all the thousands of referrals they get weekly without any shortcomings.

• A trusted reliable tech partner

PPC launches Philip’s 16 slice CT scan at UCH

Access CT Scan accommodates a variety of patients and their needs. This means all the different patients from the various wings of UCH can easily be serviced within the hospital complex, without having to seek specialized diagnostics from far-off with consistent quality images. Low dose scans for smaller patients. Most effective power high image quality for larger patients.

Also, the iFlow workflow platforms automate and simplify workflow for the lab technicians and doctors who might already be overworked from the high patient load in UCH. iFlow’s smart tools will help to produce quality images and help doctors communicate better and more efficiently when referring cases to other doctors.

Extra Applications in the CT Scan for ease of diagnosis across several physicians include Dental planning, long nodules analysis. Brain perfusion. CT colonoscopy. Vessel analysis.

Access More Savings

The Access CT is built to help reduce the cost of running diagnostics, especially in a busy and usually tightly-funded hospital such as UCH. Since tubes are the main cost of running a CT Scanner, Access CT comes with longer Tube life, which will save costs that otherwise been put on the low-income patients who frequent the hospital.  With Access Ct Scanners, the cost of having to train multiple operators is much reduced, and therefore there is no need for rescans or long periods of shutting down due to the absence of a technician.

Dura Diagnost.

The DuraDiagnost is an innovative new technology that greatly reduces the lifetime cost of owning and operating a diagnostics room.

The DuraDiagnost room, just installed by PPC Limited a product which combines over twenty years of diagnostics experience now available for the people of Ibadan. The diagnostic room was launched by the retiring Chief Medical Director of UCH who remarked on how much value the radiography department adds to general healthcare provision in the country.

New Digital Radiography launched at UCH by PPC Limited

The New Dura Diagnostics is a specially designed unit with two detectors, a vertical stand, X-Ray tube Stand, and a table. The DuraDiagnost offers full-featured, compact or value-oriented, depending on the needs of the healthcare provider.

DuraDiagnost is equipped with smart Philips components designed to give patients the most comfortable experience while helping the radiology unit do their best work. The ergonomic design of DuraDiagnost, along with flexible configuration will help UCH Radiology lab to attend to more patients every day and greatly improve the state of healthcare provision in the hospital.

The SkyPlate light-weight (2.8kg) portable [wireless] detector is affixed to the adjustable height table, while the fixed detector is attached to the vertical stand. This arrangement allows for easy use, regardless of the patient’s position, sitting, standing or lying.

The portable detector can be used on either stand or independent of both, depending on the exam being carried out and the patient. In a situation where a patient needs urgent medical attention and can’t be safely moved, the portable detector can be taken to examine the patient and fix the emergency.

The flexible U-arm of the Philips DuraDiagnost Compact Room will not in any way hinder the quality of the images. PPC brings the best imagery at budget costs of ownership to Ibadan. Get ready for more flexible radiography, with fast, convenient patient experience.

L-R Former CMD UCH Prof. Temitope Alonge, Kofo Ayodele of PPC Limited

It was quite a pleasure for PPC Systems Integrator to be able to bring these exciting new technological innovations to the University College Hospital. We look forward to a long and lasting partnership in order to provide premium healthcare and solutions for patients and doctors respectively.

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PPC NigeriaUCH Gets Diagnostics Upgrade – Another PPC Project

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