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The 10th West African Convergence Conference WACC 2019 – An eye opener to broadband in Nigeria


Could Free and Accessible Broadband be the solution to everything in Nigeria

On Friday the 28th of March, Sheraton Hotels and Towers Ikeja played host to a cross-section of tech players, regulatory bodies and startups. The event was the WACC (West African Convergence Conference) 2019 edition, which was organised by Knowhow Media International and IT Edge

This year’s conference themed; Regulations, Disruptions, Employability, Entrepreneurship and Convergence Broadband and Broadplan.

The gathering of major stakeholders and delegates from the Far East, USA, West Africa, and Nigeria; focused on the opportunities and potential of the ICT sector, with emphasis placed on the state of technology and the dynamics of technology and regulatory convergence.

PPC System Integrators among other ICT major players such as Medallion Communications, BSSL Technology, as well as regulatory bodies like the Nigerian Communications Commission, the Nigerian Communication Satellite (NICOMSAT), technological service providers, Startup companies, and National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) were all well represented.

Keynote speakers includes; Austin Okere, the founder of Ausso Leadership Institute, who speaks on “Technology Convergence and the Future of Work/Entrepreneurs”; Dr. Sola Afolabi, Chairman of Qitech Technologies Limited speaks on the need for “Reconciling University Curriculum to Technology Convergence and the Future of Work/Entrepreneurship” Mr. Yele Okeremi, President of ISPON, Matt Adesanya President of Nigeria Computer Society and our very own Patrick Ede.

These topics is essential within the ICT industry and specially aimed at helping the new Startups.

Concentrated Topics

  1. Starting Up and Staying Up; a talk on how to sustain startup ecosystems in Nigeria.
  2. Broadband and the long-term plans for regulation within the country.
  3. Convergence and new Technology Frontiers, outsourcing, Fintech, Data Privacy, Social Media, Shared Info and News.

The Predominant question of the day; “Is broadband a right or a privilege [in Nigeria]?”

The general consensus is that, while broadband might be an equally available right in developed countries, in Nigeria we are still at the stage of having broadband as a service; available only to those who can afford it.

However, other response has it that; if education is a right, health among other basic amenities been a right, it is then essential that everything that enables a good, accessible and easy system should also be available as a basic privilege.

Broadband allows citizens more affordable and efficient access to basic amenities such as education, healthcare, public safety and government services by:

  • Affording citizens the opportunity to participate in online learning and distance education;
  • Giving entrepreneurs and small and home-based business owners the opportunity to compete alongside large corporations;
  • Increasing the productivity and efficiency of businesses who utilize the Internet for their operations;
  • Connecting patients in remote areas to healthcare services;
  • Making government services more readily available to citizens;
  • Saving companies and organizations money by letting employees telework; and
  • Allowing friends and families to stay in touch with one another.

The world has become a global village and it is imperative that for proper dissemination, accessibility and the process of information, the internet needs to be easily accessible either freely or cheaply.

In further consideration, for service companies to ensure that the internet is free, there are certain government policies that needs to be visited, budget controls that needs to be adjusted and importantly answering the question; “Are Nigerians Producers or Consumers of Technology

The challenge of production needs to be addressed so that free and easy accessibility can be solved.

In summary, thoughtful ideas engulfed around on technological growth within the region, and the hope for Startups in an economy where industry stalwarts still struggle.

The Gitex Stakeholders forum enlightened start-ups about opportunities abound in UAE, how startups can leverage on the training and event opportunities. For further info on the Gitex opportunity click here

In light of it all, PPC Systems Integrators receives an award on our continuous contributions to Systems Integration within the country

WACC 2019 was a wonderful opportunity for cross industry networking and catching up on regulations and industry achievements.

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PPC NigeriaThe 10th West African Convergence Conference WACC 2019 – An eye opener to broadband in Nigeria


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