With the current focus on building Nigeria’s infrastructure, PPC, with its proven track record as a systems integrator decided on a natural progression into the provision of Railway Engineering Services and Front End operations.
The provision of City Metros in Nigeria is a new concept and PPC, as a foremost systems integrator and provider of engineering solutions across, with its International Partners is involved in a range of pioneering projects.
Our initial focus in the Public Transportation arena will concentrate on the provision of EPC and O&M services within the Rail Sector – for City Metros and High-Speed Mainline Rail systems.
PPC has teamed up with various partners from Asia, Europe, North America and Africa to secure the provision of integrated rail solutions and effective rail and cable car operations in Nigeria.

With our various partners, PPC provides the following solutions

Project Management & Cost Engineering: Beyond design and supply, PPC and its partners bring effective project management with solid processes, system engineering expertise to integrate equipment and subsystems with the right specifications and testing and commissioning to deliver a fully validated system.

Signaling & Telecommunications Services: PPC’s approach to signaling and telecommunication services is to provide technical solutions that are specifically adapted to the needs of railway operators, taking into account users, operating plan, commercial speed and the types of available power supply.
Working with her global partners, PPC’s area of operations covers signaling systems ranging from semi-manual systems (train movements controlled from a computerized control center without trackside or on-board signaling) to conventional systems using trackside equipment and wayside signals, and advanced systems that provide secure train control with both trackside and in-cab equipment.
PPC provides a team of highly qualified engineers with extensive experience in the fields of fiber optics, VHF transmission, and GSM-R, the main telecommunication systems used by railways.

Front End Management Services: To provide an integrated Rail Communication, Passenger Information and Video Surveillance System, PPC and its partners offer a comprehensive, integrated rail data recording and train systems management unit that delivers the core operating functions of multi-camera CCTV recording, train audio communications recording, train operational data recording and external device control, GPS based rail locating, intelligent audio message announcements, multiple electronic signage control, and route or stopping pattern management.

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering: PPC’s main areas of focus include
Train operations
Motive Power availability
Crew Management
Rolling Stock Management
Production Units – Locomotives, Coaches, Wheelsets, etc.
Repair and Manufacturing workshops

Rail Maintenance Management Services
An essential ingredient in the successful running of a railway is a well-maintained system. Train maintenance is very important to PPC and its partners as maintaining system availability are crucial to ensuring an efficient and competitive rail operation. In providing a robust maintenance management services PPC and its Partners provide the following solutions
Maintenance philosophy and strategy formulation
Maintenance audit, review and implementation
Track maintenance management
Infrastructure conditioning monitoring
Maintenance system design
Rail profile maintenance advice
Maintenance facility design and management
Staff structures, sizing and budgetary cost estimation


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