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Recap on World Environment Day: Let’s Beat Air Pollution Together

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Over 90% of human beings round the world are exposed to air that is unhealthy by the World Health Organization standards. This year, on the 5th of June 2019, the world observed the World Environment Day, and this year’s day is dedicated to fighting Air Pollution. There is a pressing need to provide lasting environmental and healthcare solutions to combat the dreary numbers that come with air pollution.

With about 91% of the world population being exposed to overly polluted air, it is only logical that the effects of the polluted air will manifest in the health of these people. Unfortunately, these results are costing about 10% of the world population in annual deaths. The sources of air pollution are quite diverse and range from agricultural gas emissions to fossil fuels used for indoor cooking and other activities.

The benign nature of air pollution means very little attention is paid to the air quality as a health hazard. In the past, Both China and India, two of the most densely populated countries in the globe have been in the spotlight for air pollution related problems. But as at 2016, air constituents analysis round the world showed that African countries suffer from the worst air pollution related deaths. As a one of the major engineering firms in Nigeria, being in the country with the third worst death toll from air pollution makes it our responsibility.

PPC Systems Integrators has in the past brought together the most prolific and environmentally conscious products and companies to create the best systems integrations available. All engineering firms in Nigeria are by nature responsible for the industrial environment. We take this responsibility seriously and work constantly with the Power and Energy companies in Nigeria to help provide sustainable, less polluting sources of energy within the country.

The numbers are dire, with 29% lung cancer, 24% stroke, 25% heart disease and 43% lung disease casualties all related to air pollution. But even the countries with the most industrial outlays such as China and India already making strides in combatting air pollution, we believe that this problem is entirely solvable with good engineering solutions and more dedicated sustainable energy solutions. An example of dedicated solutions to air pollution can be seen in Beijing where within five years, level of particulate matter in the air was dropped by 35%.

We believe in the integrity of engineering firms in Nigeria to be able to do as much or even better. This is why we continue to promise to provide quality sustainable systems Integrations and to remain a major company doing turnkey project across the various engineering spheres in the country. This day, we dare to hope in a world where we can beat Air Pollution together.

Do you want to be a part of the solution? Simply click here to partner with us to create a better and clearer future for your community while bringing together the best systems to work for you.

PPC NigeriaRecap on World Environment Day: Let’s Beat Air Pollution Together

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