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A Train Ride to the Future of Engineering Solutions – PPC Railway Transport

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Railway transport has become one of the fastest and most efficient modern forms of transportation in first world countries. This is hardly obtainable in this part of the world as we see railway infrastructure as a never-ending campaign promise from one election to the other. A ton of work and funds is involved in getting the right engineering systems to usher in an advanced railway system.

For a country like Nigeria, the benefits of a perfectly running railway system cannot be under-estimated. Trucks of food are transported across the country every day, almost half of which gets wasted from the unsavory conditions of moving on damaged roads in high temperatures and with lots of road disruptions. This situation applies to a lot of other goods and merchandise transported on road networks that are basically falling apart. Modern farmers and traders have adopted air transportation especially for perishable goods, which in the long run scales up to the process of this product and reduces the purchasing power available to the masses.

As a foremost engineering company in Nigeria, the effect of these inefficient systems has not been lost on us. While other countries are moving towards creating transport engineering solutions that allow speeds near the speed of light, we still rely heavily on trucks and Lorries that function on roads designed for lesser loads. The solution lies plainly in the provision of a well-designed transportation system providing engineering solutions to solve economic problems.

The Advantages of a Modern Railway System
  1. Unlike road and air transport, trains are barely affected by weather conditions.
  2. When proper railway engineering systems integrations are carried out, trains are high speed, long distance options for transporting bulky goods.
  3. Trains are cost-effective, experience no traffic, and are the safest means of ground transportation.
  4. Railway transport systems provide a larger capacity for transportation and are affordable for the masses as well as tourism opportunities.

While they can’t solve all the problems, a timely and functional railway system will go a long way in addressing traffic situations within and across states. If top engineering companies in Nigeria dedicate the right resources and with government funding and joint insight, we are more than able to provide railway systems solutions.

The Future of Travel

Asian giants China and Japan are leading the movement in the bullet train technology. Most countries, having long moved beyond the days of locomotive trains are fully immersed in a bid to increase not only speed and capacity but sustainability if their railway systems. Railway has emerged as one of the fastest transport means as it beats even air travel in certain situations. Japan is set to release the “Supreme”, supposedly the world’s fastest train in time for the 2020 winter Olympics. As we await this masterpiece, a run-through of the world’s fastest in the race to the future of speed.

At an estimated running speed of up to 430KMPH, the Magnetic Levitation Shanghai Maglev runs passengers from the Pudong Airport to the Longyang station on the outskirts of Shanghai in just 7minutes. This train places China at the top of the chain for the fastest train in operation.

Coming close are the Chinese Electric Multiple Unit trains Harmony (CRH380) and Rejuvenation (CR400AF/BF). These run at 380 and 400Km/H respectively.

Nigerian Reality…

In 2016, the Nigerian government celebrated the launch of standard-gauge 150Km/H trains, gotten from a collaboration with China Civil Engineering Company. A couple of years after, Japan was celebrating 54years of high-speed trains that had been in effect from as long ago as 1964. The Kawasaki Heavy Industry Produced Shinkansen train secures the country among the top fastest trains at 360Km/H.

Perhaps the most noteworthy train among the fastest trains in the world is the Italian Frecciarossa (Red Arrow). Red arrow not only attains speeds of up to 350Km/h but is also almost 100% made from renewable materials.

Siemens AVE S103 (Spain) and Deutsche Bahn InterCity Express (Germany) trains are some of the fastest trains in Europe.

These trains, alongside various ongoing technology designed for underwater travel, represent the potential for railway travel. Trains will affect the nations not only for their speed, but the numbers can convey. A good example is the Mecca-Medina high-speed line. The line halves the journey between both holy cities and is expected to transport about 3million passengers yearly. This is especially important during pilgrimage seasons, once both railway transport lines are fully functional. This will greatly reduce the traffic within both cities and the strain on roads.


Modern technology has come a long way in taking us from the days of coal steam-powered engines. Now we are in the reality of sustainable railways that travel on magnetic levitation. These are solutions which reflect the best of technology and can be easily integrated for growth and development

Top notch engineering solutions remain the only hope for a better future in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole. We look forward to better opportunities for providing systems integrations for an amazing future in the country.

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PPC NigeriaA Train Ride to the Future of Engineering Solutions – PPC Railway Transport

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