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The first ever industrial revolution began sometime in 1760 and lasted till about 1820/40. This event described by economic historians as the most important event in the history of humanity since the domestication of wild plants and animals.

It was ushered in by the mechanization of water and steam, and we have not stopped growing since then.

It is 2019, and there have been three more industrial revolutions since then, with each one surpassing the last in astronomical progressions.

Despite 259 years of rapid-fire development, with growth in technology exceeding all placed expectations, as mirrored by the very best of Philips Systems used around the world, women are still being treated as second hand citizens of the world evidenced by the fact that only 6 countries in the world have full equal rights for both genders.

All around the world, Female Genital Mutilation, lower pay, sexual harassment, and cultural repression persist. In spite of the strides made by human and women rights activists, thousands of young girls, especially in Africa, are still at risk of child marriages and no access to education.

According to UNICEF statistics, a whopping 44% of girl children in Nigeria are married by the time they hit 18. By age 15, 17% of Nigerian girls are married.

In Nigeria, only about 53% of school-age children have the opportunity to attend formal schools and this dire figure is made worse when you consider that less than half of them are females.

Every year, on the 8th of March, we all at PPC Limited, System Integrators celebrate the unalienable fact that human rights are women’s rights. We do go further to drive the following notions that we hold dear to our hearts and form the fabric and very foundations of our corporate policy:

● Women’s health should never be taken for granted, especially maternal health issues.

● Barbaric acts and domestic violence against all, especially women, should be vigorously combatted, using all Human and technological methods known.

● Women have to be respected for the work they do and remunerated accordingly.

● And no woman or girl child should be left behind in terms of education, especially in the areas of science and technology.

● Every woman deserves to be treated with respect in their own rights as a human being, and have their voices heard, regardless of their race, culture, age, economic, educational or political standing.

So today, with the rest of the world, we at PPC System Integrators come together to wish a half of the world’s population, Happy International Women’s Day. We also renew our commitment to empowering women through our policies and services, especially by bringing innovative solutions to women’s health across the country, the continent, and the world at large.

Cheers to life cheers to womanhood and we look forward to helping proffer more innovations that empower women in every field.

Today, we celebrate women and look forward to a more technologically advanced gender inclusive world.


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