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PPC launches Lumify in Nigeria

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On the 11th of October 2018, PPC Nigeria launched its latest innovative health device from the Philips Stable – the Philips Lumify ultrasound device at the prestigious Eko hotels and Suites. It was a gathering of heavyweights in the health and technology sector, with doctors from all over Nigeria gracing the occasion.

The Philips Lumify ultrasound is proof that technology can be perfectly fused with Medicine to create groundbreaking solutions. This device which is a new and exciting ultrasound technology device known as Lumnify which makes scanning easier, via Android mobile devices(phones or tabs).  It would help primary health caregivers carry out medical investigations on the spot with real-time feedback, and also gives the opportunity for two-way communication between doctors in the field and specialists far away. A major unique feature of the Philips Lumify Ultrasound is the feature which allows it to be connected to any Android device; this makes it easily accessible and easy to use by healthcare givers attending to patients in remote areas.

For a country like Nigeria with major challenges in the healthcare infrastructure system, this device can be a lifesaver due to its flexibility, quality, and mobility.

During the event, the audience had the opportunity to watch a live demonstration of the device in action, and a lot of positive feedback was received from the members of the audience. Representatives of the Nigerian Medical Association also hailed this device as a much-needed innovation especially in the area of gynecology and believe it will contribute immensely to reducing the infant mortality rate being experienced in Nigeria.

Lumify is equipped with three different transducers with varied functions, the C5-2 broadband curved array transducer, L12-4 broadband linear array transducer, and the S4-1 broadband phased array transducer. The C5-2 offers abdominal with lung and gallbladder presets, and OB/GYN capabilities. The L12-4 transducer supports a variety of clinical applications, including soft tissue, musculoskeletal, lung, and vascular scanning, while the S4-1 transducer has preset for cardiac, abdominal with lung, OB/GYN and FAST exams.

With the Lumify Transducer, diagnosis and treatment of patients will be made faster as it bridges the length of time it takes to get scanned in cases of emergency and in situations where there is a paucity of healthcare institutions with ultrasound scanning machines.

Lumify offers the desired quality coupled with flexibility and mobility.

To try out the Philips Lumify in a Demo Environment; Call +234(1)270-230-4, (1)462-723-6

PPC NigeriaPPC launches Lumify in Nigeria

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