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PPC Healthcare Solutions Launches OKI DICOM PRINTERS in Nigeria

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The 31st of May saw the official launch of the partnership between PPC System Integrators, Nigeria’s leading Engineering solutions firm. In conjunction with PPC Healthcare, ASTEL electronics has officially entered the Nigerian Healthcare solutions market with the OKI DICOM Printers MODEL ES6410DMe A4 Colour/Mono and MODEL ES8431DMe A4/A3 Colour/Mono.

Emile Pitout of OKI, introducing the DICOM machine for healthcare solutions to some of the Industry experts

The OKI DICOM printers have the unique advantage of being able to print directly from diagnostics achiness without required DICOM enablement. With practically plug-and-go usage, PPC Healthcare solutions has brought the most cost-efficient solutions once again to the Medical sphere in Nigeria.

Why the OKI DICOM-EMBEDDED Printer is a better choice

■ PPC Healthcare solutions is offering you a fully integrated DICOM print server.

■ In addition to your medical prints, you also get High quality non-diagnostic mono and colour printing.

■ The printer does not require additional external hardware or software.

■ Superior image interpretation and integrity.

■ Handles both A4 and A3 paper format, up to 300gsm.

■ Easy to use, reliable award winning technology.

■ Useful for both medical imaging and standard office printing, effectively reducing device purchase and consumables costs.

■ Three year on-site warranty (product to be registered within 30 days   of purchase.

■ Cost of film and the problem of film storage or patient handling can be done without.  

■ Environmentally Friendly

Who Needs OKI DICOM Printers

The OKI printers have been specialized to work with various diagnostics machines and will be valuable to all medical diagnostic centers who want better and easier results prints. Printers have been enabled to work with

  • Ultrasounds
  • CT Scans
  • M.R.Is
  • X-Rays
  • PACS Servers

The cross section of professionals that will benefit from having the OKI DICOM-enabled printers include Gynecologists, radiologists and medical clerks who need to print on new-born and patient tags. Versatility meets innovation and cost-effectiveness in this amazing product and every healthcare professional who has ever had to worry about diagnostic films can breathe a sigh of relief.

As a hospital administrator, the cost of film versus cost of paper might be the reason to make this switch as soon as possible. Even better? The competitive cost of the printer models are an essential reason why you should seriously consider getting one.  

Why Partner with PPC?

With over two decades of providing engineering solutions across board and a fully functional Healthcare solutions, PPC Healthcare is glad to be the official partners of OKI printers in Nigeria. We will be providing the printers alongside installation and maintenance services just a call away. PPC Healthcare is dedicated to quality yet affordable healthcare for us, and we will continue to bring better healthcare solutions to you.

Would you like to partner with us? Click here to speak to a representative.

PPC NigeriaPPC Healthcare Solutions Launches OKI DICOM PRINTERS in Nigeria

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