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PPC Healthcare in Partnership with ASTEL to Launch OKI DICOM Printers

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PPC System Integrators has worked with various leading companies from around the world in bringing together the very best of products to enable optimal systems functionality. With over two decades of experience in the healthcare sector, amongst others, we have gotten quite a repertoire for the most efficient producers across various fields of healthcare. 

Our healthcare solutions arm, has once again brought an amazing new solution into healthcare; Medical Printers.

OKI PRINTERS are one of the leading producers of printers all over the world. Integrating the DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) technology innovations, OKI has successfully created a fully functional system of printers that can work directly with medical equipment.

OKI-DICOM medical printers can be used without the mediating software to convert results from ultrasounds and other diagnostics to paper prints. The budget-friendly DICOM embedded printers have both A4 and A3 led optimization for direct printing from the medical equipment. The DICOM enabled printers cut out the need for DICOM conversions or any other third party software conversion.

By being able to print out high accuracy pictures of sensitive medical procedures, OKI Dicom printers speed up the work process and cut down not only response time but also media costs. The life-size A3 images print are cheaper on paper rather than film and are easier for surgeons to analyze for making the right medical decisions.

The best part of OKI Dicom printers is they can double up as ordinary office printers as they can be used multi-functionally. The ergonomically designed printers ease use across different platforms as well as flexibility of an average office printer.

Key Usages of Dicom Printers

  1. Shareable database on the server.
  2. Eases communication between devices.
  3. On-screen Diagnostics

Advantages of using a DICOM Printer

  1. They don’t require device drivers installed to be usable.
  2. These printers do not interfere with other medical equipment.
  3. Minimal printer management or configuration required.
  4. Reduced costs with paper use over film.
  5. Paper use also means;
    1. Environmentally friendly.
    2. Easy storage.
    3. Non-sensitive to light
    4. Notes can be taken directly on it.

OKI Dicom Printers are usable over a wide range of healthcare organizations. As a hospital, clinic, veterinary or dental center, having a ready to use, super flexible medical printer will be an absolute game changer in how your systems operate.

As PPC systems integrator is committed to optimum system operations, we are excited to bring this new technology as we work towards a healthier world. Wouldn’t you like to partner with us?

For more info: Kindly call +234 706 376 1631 or send an email to

PPC NigeriaPPC Healthcare in Partnership with ASTEL to Launch OKI DICOM Printers

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