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PPC Celebrates Hon. Commissioner of Health Dr. Jide Idris as he steps down from office

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It was a relaxed and ambient atmosphere as various groups of “eminent medical practitioners” in Lagos state as well as a cross-section of stakeholders in the health sector. They all came together to celebrate the eminent Dr. Jide Idris in Lecture and Dinner event anchored by Dr. Olaofin Okunlaja and Mrs. Kukoyi from TVC.

With over 25years of providing engineering solutions and especially outfitting healthcare providers around the country, PPC has had the pleasure of working with various stakeholders in the healthcare scene. This has fostered the fruitful collaboration between the Honourable Commissioner of Health and PPC System Integrators.

Citinet entertainment, in collaboration with various other healthcare stakeholders including PPC, came together to celebrate Dr Jide Idris, the longest serving commissioner of health in Lagos and probably, the whole country, who has served for 12years on the job.

Dr Jide Idris battled a lot of problems in the Lagos health sector, and in fact within the entire nation. Prominent among his achievements are the institution of a functional health insurance management scheme as well as the containment of the Ebola outbreak within Lagos. This containment, it’s safe to say, saved the entire nation from one of the deadliest epidemic that could have hit Sub-Saharan Africa.  This is due to the fact that, in Lagos, the fastest growing city in Africa with 77 additional people per hour, the festering of Ebola could have left the Nation reeling.

Dr. Jide Idris is a world-renowned expert on biosecurity. He has adopted a first of its kind One health paradigm agenda for Lagos state looking at all the things that contribute to disease in Lagos state. After which he developed a joint movement with environmentalists and all other parastatal to limit the spread of disease in Lagos.

Mr Abiodun Disu, the Executive Chairman of PPC, a man of similar drives and impeccable work ethics, graced the occasion. Other dignitaries present included the;

Rep of body of medical directors in Lagos; represented by Aduke Odutayo, on behalf of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode.

Chief Medical Director of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Bridge clinic staff and representatives as well as Access Pharma personnel.

Perm secretary, ministry of health Lagos state was present to present the guest of honour with a gift. In her words, he is someone who us extremely intelligent, extremely thorough and carries everyone along..  

It’s no wonder that Dr. Idris is being celebrated by all. PPC will continue to celebrate and uphold EXCELLENCE and innovation. We look forward to working with Dr. Idris’s successor to continue the good work and take healthcare in Nigeria to even greater heights.

PPC NigeriaPPC Celebrates Hon. Commissioner of Health Dr. Jide Idris as he steps down from office

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