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Philips Ultrasound HD5 System


Philips Ultrasound HD5 System

The HD5 Ultrasound offers high quality ultrasound with superb image quality alongside multiple possibilities for its use, all at a very budget-friendly price.

High-End Performance for Low-End Prices

HD5 now comes with impressive new additions to the HD5 such as the Study Guide Tutorials and over 250 various shades of grey for higher image clarity and contrast, broadband digital transformer and wide dynamic range and digital focal tuning. Included in the package is an iSCAN single-button image optimization multiple transducer port as well as a choice of 4 image transducers.

The easy data recording feature comes as part of the superior performance of the HD5 ultrasound, along with the Q-LAB quantification software. You can worry less about your equipment and focus on providing your patient with quality healthcare.

Customer Support

High quality customer support like no other will be available to you and add to the value of your purchase. With Philips Medical Capital, you get the opportunity for flexible payment solutions. Combined with our award-winning and world acclaimed customer services as well as clinical and technical education, Philips is the best choice for medical assistance.

Philips pro-active technology anticipates and prevents any issues that might affect your machine and remotely resolves it. The remote desktop system support and repair avails you with the best of Philips’ product security.

Study Manager

With study manager and DICOM compatibility, medics can review, store, transmit or print patient studies. This eases work flow, particularly if different exams are carried out on one patient. This feature can be utilized with radiology/cardiology, and the software has a standard format for reports.


The sleek and revolutionary HD5 design makes the machine easy to maneuver and eases ergonomics of using the machine even in small spaces. The simplicity of the design is reassuring and helps you focus wholly on the patient.

Image Modes

With the HD5 system, Philips offers a wide range of image mode options. These include the microfine 2D focus. Color Power Angio (CPA), Directional CPA, M-Mode, Anatomical Mode, Color M-mode and a host of other imaging modes.


HD5 Systems come with connectivity and data management, there is a 320 GB on board memory storage as well as DVD. It lets you export AVI clips and BMP images to CDs and PC viewing’

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