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Partnering for Power Solutions: Installation of 11KV Generators at Sagamu

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Nigeria is one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies but for the major shortcomings that plague the state, most importantly, Power shortage. Nigeria generates its power from two major sources, Hydro-electric and also thermal/fossil fuel generators. Despite the abundance of fossil fuels, power generation in Nigeria is less than 50% efficient when compared to the requirements of the country. With a population of about 200million citizens, most households and industries have resorted to privately generated power solutions.

In an effort to provide lasting power solutions or basically aid the government in meeting demands, a number of private multinational and public liability companies have resorted to independent power production (IPP). The then-president Olusegun Obasanjo introduced the National Integrated Power Project (NIPP) back in 2004 to maximize power generation and reduce excessive gas-flaring. This project was supposed to provide seven (7) power plants in as many gas-producing states, and 4 FGN power stations.

Unfortunately, over a decade later, Nigeria is still feeding less than 50% of its citizens with constant power supply. Despite having the capacity to generate about 12,500MW of electricity daily from existing plants, only about 4000MW is generated. This shortage has led to various partnerships with government to provide part of the national grid for electricity. Not just these but also off-grid substitutions that meet the energy need of industries and nearby residential areas. An example of this partnership is the USAID powered Azura Edo project, which installed open cycle gas turbines near Benin, Edo state.

Integrated Power Solutions

In Ogun State, South-western Nigeria, the Honeywell group of companies, in a bid to proffer energy solutions for their immediate industrial needs started a Power Solutions company. Uraga Power Solutions Limited (UPSL) is an off-grid power solution designed to meet the needs of industrial, commercial as well as residential consumers within Flowergate Industrial Estate. This company in their own way are supplementing the efforts of the Federal Government but working in tandem with the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company.

In order to meet their power solution goals, Uraga limited partnered with PPC System Integrators to install new 11KV generators with associated equipment. The Uraga project will supply adequate energy to facilities within the estate.

Uraga Power Solutions Limited supplied the generators, 4No 2000KVA 11KV MTU – Engine Generator as well as associated set. These included loose exhaust mufflers, outdoor radiator conservations, and also switch gears amongst others.

The PPC Power Solutions

Some of the main responsibilities of PPC Installation team include

(a)  Visually inspect the items supplied by the client at the project site, as listed above

(b) Servicing generators with the replacement of its oil, filters, and other accessories for the normal operation of the generating sets.

(c) Extending, connecting and mounting of the Exhaust muffler with its associated exhaust pipes with all required mounting / fixing items/accessories.

(d) Provision of detailed shop & As-built drawings for the installation of the 11KV generators, 11KV switchgears with all its associated equipment / items

(e) Supervision of construction of plinths for the Generators, 11KV switchgears, Transformers, Radiators etc by the main contractors providing mounting items & making sure that all required mounting/fixing items/accessories are at its right positions.

(f) Supervision of placement of the Generators, Transformers, Radiators, 11KV switchgears at its corresponding plinths by the main contractors.

(g) Supply and install the New 11KV power cables for interconnecting the generators and 11KV switchgear as well as 11KV switchgear and its associated load points.

(h) Supply and install low voltage cables from the existing low voltage distribution boards LV DB to extractors fans isolators and Radiators power inputs.

(i) Supply and install New control cables for interconnecting the siemens control panel also with the generators and 11KV switchgear

(j) Making good and installation of the Radiators complete with its coolants.

(k) Supply and install new connecting pipes between the generators and Radiators with all necessary mounting / fixing items / accessories

(l) Programming and also configuration of 11KV switchgear, siemens control panel and Generators control panel to ensure proper and standard operation

(m) Supply and install New 11KV Earthing Resistance panels and all necessary items for the proper and standard earthing of the Generators and 11KV switchgear.

(n) Identity, quote, supply and install any other missing equipment/items for standard operation of the generators and associated equipment.

(o) Testing and commissioning of the entire 11KV supply system to the satisfaction of the client as well as their consultants

It was quite an honour to work with the Uraga team on this phenomenal project. We look forward to creating more power solutions for the country.

Tolulope AbePartnering for Power Solutions: Installation of 11KV Generators at Sagamu

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