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Freedom to Choose Innovation and Growth – A Highlight for PPC Systems Integrator

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Freedom to Choose Innovation and Growth – A Highlight for PPC Systems Integrator. On the 12th of June, Nigeria will be celebrating her democracy and freedom from military rule. This date marks not just the legendary, free and fair democratic election on June 12th, 1993 which saw the emergence of the Late M.K.O Abiola as the winner, but also one of the few recorded days in the history of this great nation, wherein Nigerians and the Nigerian spirit stood as one, devoid of ethnic, religious or social divides.

While this election wasn’t honored and the winner was later thrown in jail, this marked an important day in the mind of the Nigerian people. It was a day when, if only for a while, there was absolute and total freedom for the masses to choose and decide the tangent of their future. This freedom, which is now being enjoyed twenty-six years after has opened up the country to so much growth and innovations.

We are convinced beyond any iota of doubt that Nigeria and Nigerians are blessed with an insurmountable amount of ingenuity, Ingenuity that births innovations even in the face of adversity. This vision has been our mantra for over twenty years, despite the six years of military rule that followed that first glimpse of freedom.

PPC Systems Integrator has been at the forefront of pushing top-notch engineering solutions in Nigeria. Alongside other Nigerians who toiled regardless of the state of the nation to bring forth the best they can to the country. We have been a part of the growth of the democratic republic of Nigeria and continue to celebrate this freedom to touch lives and establish growth within the country.

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From building one of the first main information hubs for Shell Nigeria as far back as the early to mid 90’s from the sheer genius of our talented local engineers to providing the data link services to INEC in the nascent days of democratic system, thus playing our noble role in ensuring the credibility of the electoral process,  We at PPC Systems Integrator remain committed to the Nigeria Project and would always stand at the forefront of working with the freely chosen government of the people to bring Engineering solutions in Nigeria that ease the life of people.

From healthcare solutions such as Ayinke Maternity House outfitting to ICT solutions such as the Bayelsa State E-governance project, our dedication to excellence surpasses party affiliations and government changes, yet lies completely with our forsworn promise to always forge ways to make life better for the ordinary Nigerian.

Today, with the rest of Nigeria we raise a toast to the freedom that comes with Democracy. We stay committed to seeing the only potential in the country and never giving up on Nigeria. We dedicate ourselves to fighting in our own way for freedom for growth and innovation in this free democratic state. Happy Democracy Day Nigeria!

PPC NigeriaFreedom to Choose Innovation and Growth – A Highlight for PPC Systems Integrator

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