World Pneumonia Day 2019: Stopping Pneumonia

Every year, on the 12th of November, people around the world mark the World Pneumonia Day in an effort to create awareness about pneumonia, the world’s leading infectious killer of children under the age of 5. The first was ten years ago on the 12th of November 2009. It is necessary to commemorate this day

WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY – PPC Celebrates Foluke Michael

WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY #WCW   Foluke Michael is the founder and project director of Creative Youth Initiative Against Corruption and InnoCreative youth hub. She promotes SDGs through education, creative development, innovation and entrepreneurship in children, youth and women. In 2017, Foluke launched the CCB animated movie series to influence policymakers towards implementing effective changes that

Nigeria and The Quest for Sustainable Energy

Renewable energy has often been touted as a far-fetched, barely sustainable and expensive alternative to traditional fossil sources. Despite the popularity of environmental sustainability ideals and various summits entreating countries to focus more on environmentally friendly practices, Africa has been a bit behind on the train of sustainability. While many countries are making moves to

Partnering for Power Solutions: Installation of 11KV Generators at Sagamu

Nigeria is one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies but for the major shortcomings that plague the state, most importantly, Power shortage. Nigeria generates its power from two major sources, Hydro-electric and also thermal/fossil fuel generators. Despite the abundance of fossil fuels, power generation in Nigeria is less than 50% efficient when compared to the requirements of

PPC Celebrates Team Nigeria and The Cycling Federation of Nigeria

The just-concluded African Cup Track 2019 was the product of a landmark agreement signed by the presidents of the Cycling Federation of Nigeria and Confederation of African Cycling in March. The agreement, signed in faraway Rome; during the Joint confederation of the African and EU cycling congress, birthed a new era for competitive cyclists in

Nano medicine and Nanomedical solutions

Nanomedical innovations; The Future of Healthcare

Nanotechnology is one of the most controversial and innovative modern technologies. Simply put, nanotechnology is any science that involves working with atoms, molecules or any matter on a scale of 1 to 100 nanometers. A nanometer is basically 1/1,000,000,000 of a meter. If you are trying to visualise this measurement, picture this; the thickness of

Social Media, facebook, connecting people via ICT solutions

ICT Solutions; Making Sense of Social Media and Website Crashes

For the second time in less than six months, the suite of Facebook-owned apps has experienced massive user glitches and crashes. For about 6 hours or more on Wednesday 3rd of July, the Facebook suite of apps (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) were not loading some media content. Both status and feed visuals (pictures and videos)

PPC Railway Transport

A Train Ride to the Future of Engineering Solutions – PPC Railway Transport

Railway transport has become one of the fastest and most efficient modern forms of transportation in first world countries. This is hardly obtainable in this part of the world as we see railway infrastructure as a never-ending campaign promise from one election to the other. A ton of work and funds is involved in getting

Healthcare Solutions in Nigeria

Healthcare solutions in Nigeria a priority – The Ayinke Story

Why Healthcare solutions in Nigeria is a priority – The Ayinke Story (The PPC Healthcare Role) As of 2015, when the last official joint statistics was taken by the World Health Organization and the World Bank, Nigeria contributed about 19% of the world’s maternal mortality rates. This roughly estimated to about 800+ deaths for every

Freedom to Choose Innovation and Growth - An Highlight for PPC Systems Integrator

Freedom to Choose Innovation and Growth – A Highlight for PPC Systems Integrator

Freedom to Choose Innovation and Growth – A Highlight for PPC Systems Integrator. On the 12th of June, Nigeria will be celebrating her democracy and freedom from military rule. This date marks not just the legendary, free and fair democratic election on June 12th, 1993 which saw the emergence of the Late M.K.O Abiola as