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ICT Solutions; Making Sense of Social Media and Website Crashes

For the second time in less than six months, the suite of Facebook-owned apps has experienced massive user glitches and crashes. For about 6 hours or more on Wednesday 3rd of July, the Facebook suite of apps (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) were not loading some media content. Both status and feed visuals (pictures and videos)

PPC Railway Transport

A Train Ride to the Future of Engineering Solutions – PPC Railway Transport

Railway transport has become one of the fastest and most efficient modern forms of transportation in first world countries. This is hardly obtainable in this part of the world as we see railway infrastructure as a never-ending campaign promise from one election to the other. A ton of work and funds is involved in getting

Healthcare Solutions in Nigeria

Healthcare solutions in Nigeria a priority – The Ayinke Story

Why Healthcare solutions in Nigeria is a priority – The Ayinke Story (The PPC Healthcare Role) As of 2015, when the last official joint statistics was taken by the World Health Organization and the World Bank, Nigeria contributed about 19% of the world’s maternal mortality rates. This roughly estimated to about 800+ deaths for every

Freedom to Choose Innovation and Growth - An Highlight for PPC Systems Integrator

Freedom to Choose Innovation and Growth – A Highlight for PPC Systems Integrator

Freedom to Choose Innovation and Growth – A Highlight for PPC Systems Integrator. On the 12th of June, Nigeria will be celebrating her democracy and freedom from military rule. This date marks not just the legendary, free and fair democratic election on June 12th, 1993 which saw the emergence of the Late M.K.O Abiola as

Healthcare Solutions

PPC Healthcare Solutions Launches OKI DICOM PRINTERS in Nigeria

The 31st of May saw the official launch of the partnership between PPC System Integrators, Nigeria’s leading Engineering solutions firm. In conjunction with PPC Healthcare, ASTEL electronics has officially entered the Nigerian Healthcare solutions market with the OKI DICOM Printers MODEL ES6410DMe A4 Colour/Mono and MODEL ES8431DMe A4/A3 Colour/Mono. The OKI DICOM printers have the

Recap on World Environment Day: Let’s Beat Air Pollution Together

Over 90% of human beings round the world are exposed to air that is unhealthy by the World Health Organization standards. This year, on the 5th of June 2019, the world observed the World Environment Day, and this year’s day is dedicated to fighting Air Pollution. There is a pressing need to provide lasting environmental

PPC Healthcare in Partnership with ASTEL to Launch OKI DICOM Printers

OKI DICOM PRINTERS: MEDICAL SOLUTIONS AT STATIONERY PRICES PPC System Integrators has worked with various leading companies from around the world in bringing together the very best of products to enable optimal systems functionality. With over two decades of experience in the healthcare sector, amongst others, we have gotten quite a repertoire for the most

The Importance of Work-Life Balance

What is your purpose for life? This oft-heard philosophical question, despite being as cliche as they come, will help most people relate to the concept of balance, and imperatively, the importance of work-life balance. As humans, we often have a vague dream or idea of the various milestones to aspire to. Most people have a

PPC Celebrates Hon. Commissioner of Health Dr. Jide Idris as he steps down from office

It was a relaxed and ambient atmosphere as various groups of “eminent medical practitioners” in Lagos state as well as a cross-section of stakeholders in the health sector. They all came together to celebrate the eminent Dr. Jide Idris in Lecture and Dinner event anchored by Dr. Olaofin Okunlaja and Mrs. Kukoyi from TVC. With

World Immunization Week

Every year, the last week in April is dedicated to creating awareness and fostering conversations about immunization all over the world over. Immunization is the process of introducing a vaccine into the body of an individual, usually young children, in order to create immunity against a certain disease. All newborns have an immunization schedule that