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5G - Could this be the Network that Launches Everything?

5G – Could this be the Network that Launches Everything?

THE FIFTH GENERATION, ARE YOU READY FOR 5G? Communication Technology has come a long way from the days of Graham Bell, a whole lot of that growth within the past two decades. Coming a long way from the days of the walkie-talkie, cellular mobile communication has achieved its 5th generation of technological advancement, 5G. From


PPC SYSTEM INTEGRATION COMPANY IN NIGERIA The National Integrated Power Project (NIPP) aims to build power generating stations and transmission substations to improve the electricity supply across Nigeria. The project is being executed by the Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC) on behalf of the federal government. Completed power stations are put up for sale

UCH Gets Diagnostics Upgrade – Another PPC Project

The UCH Diagnostics Upgrade On Tuesday, the 26th of February, the PPC team was in the prestigious and historical brown-roof city, to set up a world-class diagnostics room for the University College Hospital Ibadan. A 16-slice Access CT Scan machine, as well as a DuraDiagnost machine room, were set up in the Hospital.   Access

PPC System Integration

What is System Integration; reasons why Companies need it

System Integration: What’s it about? In the engineering and ICT world, Systems Integrations is the process of bringing together the subsets required to make a functional system, in order to achieve or sustain a particular system. These subsets could be made up of physical or virtual components; Physical components such as computer hardware and complex


IN CELEBRATING LIFE, WE CELEBRATE WOMEN The first ever industrial revolution began sometime in 1760 and lasted till about 1820/40. This event described by economic historians as the most important event in the history of humanity since the domestication of wild plants and animals. It was ushered in by the mechanization of water and steam,

Patrick Ede; PPC System Integrators- IT Edge News

Patrick Ede, Director of Operations at PPC Limited, system integrators offering an array of IT solutions in different fields, spoke with IT Edge News Nwakaego Alajemba and Clara Aghasili-Lingo, on why ICT companies fail in Nigeria and why local content is critical to building Nigeria’s future Patrick Ede spoke about PPC’s Systems Integrator in terms of

Philips Ultrasound HD5 System

Philips Ultrasound HD5 System The HD5 Ultrasound offers high quality ultrasound with superb image quality alongside multiple possibilities for its use, all at a very budget-friendly price. High-End Performance for Low-End Prices HD5 now comes with impressive new additions to the HD5 such as the Study Guide Tutorials and over 250 various shades of grey

Philips ClearVue 550

Because We Care About Women and Their Health… And that’s why we have incorporated about half a century’s worth of diagnostic knowledge to work in developing a range of ultrasounds to help take care of women.  The new and better ClearVue ultrasounds are developed to be reliable, versatile and smarter with tools and apps which

PPC launches Lumify in Nigeria

  PHILIPS LUMIFY ULTRASOUND BEING USED TO DELIVER INNOVATIVE HEALTHCARE ON A PREGNANT WOMAN IN RURAL AFRICA   On the 11th of October 2018, PPC Nigeria launched its latest innovative health device from the Philips Stable – the Philips Lumify ultrasound device at the prestigious Eko hotels and Suites. It was a gathering of heavyweights