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A Brief History In Providing ICT Engineering Solutions

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For an average Nigerian, especially one below fifty years of age, the idea of ICT and telecommunications engineering became mainstream only at the turn of the century. But for Mr Patrick Edeh, PPC System Integrators have been in the business of ICT solutions as far back as 1995. Back when landlines and telephone lines were a luxury only a few of the upper and middle class could afford, PPC System integrators were already breaking frontiers in engineering solutions in Nigeria.

PPC has been providing ICT and Telecommunications solutions for multinational companies as far back as 1995. Shell and Cadbury were some of the major clients. These clients needed a telecoms system that enabled seamless communication within the various components of the company. As telecoms companies of that period, the modus operandi was quite different from what obtains presently. NITEL was the only source of telephone communications available then and even then was operating suboptimally.


Telecoms and ICT Solutions that Work

ICT Solutions were quite limited at this time. There were about 396,000 functional telephone lines and thousands of switches in major cities available in Nigeria. The challenge was that there were no cable plans to connect these landlines across for potential subscribers.. to solve this problem for our multinational partners and enable them for effective communications, PPC System Integrators instituted the Last-Mile access.

Last-mile access created solutions that provided point to point systems, from point of presence or the switch to the other point of communication. incorporating this Last mile system using radio microwave system with several lines on one micro station. Radio ICT solutions were provided for Cadbury in Agbara estate to limit their reliance on NITEL manual cables limitations. Providing this solution at a percentage of the company’s phone bill charges worked well for all involved.

PPC ICT System IntegrationĀ 

These PPC solutions marked the advent of indigenous radio communications in Nigeria. PPC System integrators supplied the very first range of digital communication in mainstream Nigeria to Shell. We provided these solutions in the 1990s, same time NITEL was providing SDH cables to Warri and Port Harcourt. Digital radioing at that time made use of Erricson radios. We provided 64kb bandwidth wireless communications compared to the maximum 9.6kb that was obtainable then.

PPC Engineers at work

Creating Solutions that last for decades

This preceded the broadband data speeds that are obtainable at present but ultimately set the pace for such. PPC System integrators have been at the forefront of ICT solutions for over twenty years. Our team of innovative engineers have been working tirelessly to grow with the changing face of Information/Communication technology, without compromising high standards of quality.

Our history of reliable and innovative ICT solutions made visible by our loyal clientele, speak for us. Send us a mail, ad let us create lasting solutions for you and enable your lasting functionality.

Tolulope AbeA Brief History In Providing ICT Engineering Solutions

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