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Patrick Ede; PPC System Integrators- IT Edge News

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Patrick Ede, Director of Operations at PPC Limited, system integrators offering an array of IT solutions in different fields, spoke with IT Edge News Nwakaego Alajemba and Clara Aghasili-Lingo, on why ICT companies fail in Nigeria and why local content is critical to building Nigeria’s future

Patrick Ede spoke about PPC’s Systems Integrator in terms of what it offers its customers today and what our core areas of competency are

PPC is what they called divested Philip Project System Center. Philip Project Center was our original name. PPC Limited is in order to keep that brand. PPC Limited is wholly a Nigerian company. That does not mean we don’t do Philips again. We still do Philips but our rebranding gives us opportunity to go into other areas. Being fully Philips will limit our kind of operations. As Philips, we were more on ICT and medicals and we are still keeping the medical system even up till today. But what we are now gives us the leverage to provide integrated solutions to more vast areas. We provide medicals, ICT, power and building systems engineering which is called MEP – Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing that is for building systems engineering. We also have transport development systems for transports. We are in the power sector and we have been here for 13 years. Also in ICT, we have huge presence. In fact, most people know us as an ICT company,  but we have strong presence in other areas of our business. We have a wide spread of area of coverage and we have specialized teams on each area; specialized marketing technology team dedicated to each of our activities.

In transport, we are doing some jobs. We are working on the Blue Rail in Lagos, you have heard of Eko Rail. We are working on the cable, we provide the system and currently we are still installing. We have a transport system management, though it’s not very active in this country for now and that is the one area we are greatly developing. The other areas are vertical: the ICT, medicals, the building system engineering and power. The transport system for rail or cable car system for which we provide a lot of infrastructure and facility management system is still being developed in this country. We are already on ground with Lagos Rail project for the past 10 years, when they started the development. One day when it goes live, you will see PPC pasted even in your ticketing system, the CCTV facilities and the networks.

We are very huge in ICT because that is the main area we play and still playing today. We have been in the industry before the liberalizations of the telecom industry. We did the very first set of telecom service provisioning, the first licensing before they changed to what we have today. When we talk of the private operators, we were one of the oldest before they changed the old licensing. In 1999 they changed the license structure to prepare for the full liberalization of the telecom industry.

PPC Limited Power sector – Patrick Ede explains further 

We entered power and we started providing tele-protection and tele-control systems which are within the telecommunication area. What do we do? For technology dependent system and to have efficient energy management and efficient control of the infrastructure, we need telecoms coverage over the entire network. That will give you room to be in one place and see what is happening in your sub-stations or power stations. Today, we have what is called optical dial wires, which are power transmission lines, you won’t know except you know about it. They are the same lines carrying electricity they also carry telecommunication and control systems. You may expect them to run another cable somewhere or microwave whether fixed on that. We have the specialization to deliver telecom services over powerline. Today, we have a spectrum of dedicated services across power transmission systems; and we also have people working on embedded power,  an aspect that we are adding on our existence in the industry. On the embedded power what the NIPP does is to add it to the national grid.

PPC Limited is a system integrator, we provide solutions, we integrate and develop solutions, we customize solutions for people in any of the sectors. We are talking to some industry about what we called IT base medical management system and medical support systems. We have all manner of things that the medical division is providing but when you do it at the integrated system you can get medical doctors doing tele-presence and tele-support for the field, so those are the kind of areas we go into. The medical guys are working there and the technology is there. The doctor right there can view your scan result and make a recommendation. The service is there but you won’t know the people that know are providing such service. PPC is at the forefront of driving technological development in Nigeria.

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PPC NigeriaPatrick Ede; PPC System Integrators- IT Edge News

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